What to Know About Your Baby's Body

What to Know About Your Baby's Body

A child's organism develops, prevention plays a much greater role than adults. A parent can hardly find himself among the many multivitamin and mineral tablets offered on the market.

As a mother of three girls I can tell you that you always have to take those preparations made on the basis of chewing extract containing nutrients of herbal origin, and the best choice for your babies and children is


Just the best for your baby

Just the best for your baby

Just the best for your baby

What I would like to do for the first days of baby life is Aloe Activator,

a miraculous preparation that contains stabilized aloe vera gel and alantoin, organic

cell regeneration agent.

Besides what's good for the skin, it's great for babies, because it's a scoop

activator helps babies in times when they have cramps, it's great for them too

eye infections.

For your bare Aloe Propolis creme is a hydrating cream with antibiotic action, because it has a large percentage of Propolis which is known to everyone as a natural antibiotic and does not have any harmful effects. . .

Aloe Propolis Cream is a Hydrating Cream, with no better and more moisturizing and conditioning creams than Aloe Propolis creams.

It's great for babies that have any skin changes

The International Scientific Council of Aloe (IASC) confirms that the product contains pure Aloe Vera - 100% naturally and best for your baby ...

Aloe First - First aid in a home without being able to

Aloe First - First aid in a home without being able to

Aloe First - First aid in a home without being able to

The product that every mom needs to have next to is the Aloe First product
, in addition to first aid in the home, for burns, slizocosis, and other things.
Aloe First is also good for babies.
The baby can spray on the skin, with the addition of physiological solution, the baby can be placed in the nose.
Mothers who have no milk can use First to breast-feed, as it enhances the over-milking, and as a disinfectant for babies before breast-feeding.

Kid's drinks

Kid's drinks

Kid's drinks



Forever Aloe Bits N Peaches - a miraculous non-comparable taste: pure, nutritious pieces of Aloe Vera combined with the flavor of sun-drenched peaches.

Ideal for children and pregnant women.

Aloe Vitamin cocktail was added to carotenoid, which is necessary to maintain the immune system condition.

In healing, there is no difference between Gela and Berry Nectara.

The difference is only in taste.

This is another beverage with 100% Stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, a sensational and unique flavor, containing pure Aloe Vera pieces smelled of a mature peach flavor.


Forever kids - Forever Kids - Daily provide children with all the nutrients they need in chewing multivitamins

Forever Kids. These fun and delicious multivitamins in the form of animals provide both adults and children older than two years of vitamins, minerals, iron and phytonutrients.

Application: strengthens the body's resistance, regulates metabolism, antioxidants, normal muscle function, develops healthy teeth, helps growth and mental development, improves the blood count necessary for nerve impulses for protein synthesis.